Proven technology

correctly predicted calvings. This is a 0% prediction rate.

Total hours inside cows. That's of uninterrupted tracking per cow, without any complications.

How does wiCow system work?

How does wiCow system work?




Components of wiCow System

A - BaseStation

B - Repeater

C - Tsens

News from wiCow

Deep Tech Pioneers!

We’ve been named one of @hello tomorrow’s Deep Tech Pioneers!

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Future Agro Challenge

wiCow is the finalist of Future Agro Challenge

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wiCow Wins European Product Design Award

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EFFAB Membership

wiCow has been accepted as an EFFAB member.

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Shaping the Future with AI

There was an AI Demo Day for 10 selected startups in the field of AI. Atıl Erken from Collective Spark evaluated the startups that use AI and serve different sectors, and over 70 investors watched it live.

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Happy farmers

Keep your cows happy & healthy

With wiCow, you can manage it

When farmers miss the correct time of calving, it can cause dystocia, weak calves, and even death of the mother cow and the calf. If they don’t catch when their beloved cows have a significant fever before, during, after calving, or even outside of the calving period, this again can result dramatically.

That’s where wiCow steps up. It is an innovative system in cow early warning and health monitoring.

By using wiCow, the farmer first will know 24 hours earlier before calving starts, so he/she will have enough time to make necessary preparations. Secondly, wiCow alerts the farmer at the beginning of calving so he/she will be ready when the big time comes.

Other than periods of calving, any critical change in fever (high or low) can be caught thanks to wiCow.

Calving is over but wiCow’s mission is not

wiCow will keep looking after your cows

After calving, as long as you keep the Tsenses installed, they will continue collecting data and keeping the animals’ health monitored. If there is anything out of the ordinary such as a significant drop or rise in fever, wiCow sends you a fever detection alarm as well.

Usage of wiCow

How does wiCow system work?

wiCow starts operating following these 4 steps;

  1. In order to manage the calving, the Tsens should be installed intravaginally to the pregnant cow 15 days before the estimated calving date. The cow’s health can be monitored 24/7 even after birth if Tsens is kept inserted in the cow.
  2. Via artificial intelligence-based precision, the system analyzes the farm and the animals better as more data flow through Tsenses.
  3. The collected data is stored in an encrypted secure cloud that cannot be erased, altered, or tampered with.
  4. Depending on the information collected from the cows, 24-hour advanced calving detection, and instant calving detection alarms are sent instantly to the farmers via wiCow mobile app and/or wiCow call.

To the bull’s eye

Why should you choose wiCow?

Here are the advantages of using wiCow;

  • % correct accuracy on prediction calving
  • FDA approved medical grade material and design
  • Artificial Intelligence supported system
  • Real-time notifications and service calls
  • 24/7 animal health monitoring while Tsens is kept inserted
  • User-friendly interface
  • 5 years of battery life (Tsens)

wiCow-A smart investment

Do you wonder how it will work on your farm?

Fill in your contact information, and we will get back to you with a tailored quote specifically for your farm and its needs.

We are here for you

Direct support from the wiCow team.

Another advantage of wiCow system is it is built from the scratch by top-notch engineering and technician team. If you have any questions regarding wiCow, one of us in the core team will gladly answer as soon as possible.

About us

Tolga Cirak grew up in a family of farmers and realised from a very early age that health monitoring of cows is essential for the farm's success. In 2019, he founded the StartUp company muTech GmbH in Hannover. With his powerful development department and employees, Mr. Cirak develops the intelligent early warning system wiCow.

The self-learning system analyses cow-related data and uses artificial intelligence so that farmers can take all the necessary precautions for an upcoming birth. Please visit muTech GmbH for more information.


“Those who are truly happy are those who are internally balanced.”

On a farm, this simple formula can be applied to both cows and farmers. The wiCow system is designed to help our farmers to have a better work-life balance, in addition to improving farm results.

With data cloud and sensors, we want to support farmers in their daily care for the health, fertility and welfare of their animals.


Sustainable and future-oriented agriculture needs room for innovation. That is why our company aims to successfully combine productivity, animal welfare and the sustainable use of natural resources.