A Hidden Danger: Heat Stress

April 14th 2021

One of the hidden problems in dairy farms is heat stress. It is usually ignored on the farms. However, its consequences are enormous and can severely affect the health of the farm’s herd and profitability.

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Modern Farm Problems: Silent Heat

March 5th 2021

The profitability of farms heavily depends on tracking estrous cycles of the cows. However, nowadays modern farms suffer from silent heat problems. In this blog post, we tried to investigate the causes and the results of the silent heat problem in dairy farms.

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The Magic Potion for Calves: Colostrum

January 21th 2021

Calves are born into an environment with numerous germs. While other animals can cope with these germs (viruses, bacteria, parasites) without any problems, newborn calves have a more difficult time.

Unlike humans, calves do not receive key factors for immune defense in the womb and are therefore not resistant to diseases.

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